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How Remote Work is Reshaping Employee Interaction

What are the different approaches to ensuring effective remote communication?

Join our interactive webinar in partnership with GetAbstract and OpenSesame, where we will discuss best practices in remote communication and maintaining close working relationships with clients and colleagues.

In this webinar our speakers will highlight:

  • Building and maintaining close working relationships with clients remotely
  • Best practices on communication that keeps employees engaged
  • Leveraging the power of compassion and empathy
  • How HR and L&D can support effective communication

Joining us for this webinar are:

  • Thomas Bergen, Co-Founder and CEO | GetAbstract
  • Rasheité Calhoun, Strategic Partner Manager | OpenSesame
  • Anja Deelen, Head of Marketplace & Content | EdCast

Thank you for joining us. Click here to watch the full webinar recording. 

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